5 Ways Social Media Affects Kids’ Mental Health

5 Ways Social Media Affects Kids' Mental Health

2. Too Much Screen Time Causes Sleep Issues

Over the years, there have been several warnings to switch off gadgets at least an hour (two is preferable!) before bed since the light they generate throws off our circadian cycle. Unfortunately, our children experience the same thing. Additionally, the tension and worry that social media may bring about has an impact on how well our kids sleep.

Lack of sleep causes extra health problems, has a poor impact on your child’s general welfare, behavior, hunger, academic performance, and behavior. It may even lead to depression. Additionally, sleep is necessary for the developing brain to function correctly; a kid or adolescent requires 9.5 hours of sleep every night to promote growth and maturity.

How to Help Kids Sleep Better

Establishing screen time limitations, particularly before night, is the simplest thing you can do. Even while it could be difficult at first, particularly if your kid has a TV and computer in their room, adhere to the plan, and after a week or two you will start to encounter less and less opposition.

If you’ve never established screen time restrictions in your household, start by holding a family meeting to go through the new rule. Make it obvious to your children that it will occur and that it is unassailable, but also be open to their questions and worries.

A soothing activity should be substituted for screen time for good sleep hygiene. Maybe your kid spends an hour reading, painting, or playing quietly with LEGOs. When it’s time to take a bath, you may play a game, read aloud, or do any of these things.

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If necessary, set a timer to turn off the Wi-Fi in your house so that even if they attempted, they couldn’t connect. Additionally, you may gather all phones and gadgets in one location and secure them with a key.

It is crucial that you serve as a role model for your kids. Don’t warn kids “no gadgets,” for instance, and then watch TV when you leave them alone. Yes, you get to set the rules as the adult, but a good leader sets an example. Additionally, after they are sleeping, you may always watch your favorite program.

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