5 Ways Social Media Affects Kids’ Mental Health

5 Ways Social Media Affects Kids' Mental Health

5. Decreased Physical Activity

It should come as no surprise that more screen time is directly correlated with less physical exercise. More time is being spent online and in front of screens by kids and teenagers, and less time is being spent playing actively. Additionally, when watching TV or playing online, individuals often consume food and beverages carelessly, adding extra calories to their bodies.

An excessive amount of screen time might hinder your child’s ability to sleep, which can lead to weight gain. Diabetes, heart disease, respiratory difficulties, and depression are just a few of the health concerns that are brought on by obesity and inactivity.

How to Help Kids Get More Exercise

By being active yourself, you may motivate your youngster to do the same. You may go to the gym or an exercise class together, host a dance party, or go on walks, as examples. Enroll your kid in a season or a few lessons if they have an interest in a particular sport or hobby.

Set screen time limitations for your kids to motivate them to move more. Even if kids decide to doodle or construct LEGO structures with their free time, they are actively developing cognitive skills, which help fight sadness and other negative screen-related ideas.

Utilize screen time as a sport. Numerous dance and yoga fitness videos are accessible online, and several games promote movement and dancing. Take part in enjoyable physical activities with your kid to show them the importance of maintaining good physical health.

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