How To Tell Him He’s Bad In Bed

How To Tell Him He's Bad In Bed

It can be difficult to let your partner know if you’re dissatisfied. It’s never fun to have to inform your partner that he’s not good in bed. But occasionally, it’s necessary.

Men are incredibly haughty beings. For them, everything is a contest. Their DNA contains it. The only objective, whether it’s a pie-eating competition or a dash for the elevator, is to triumph over the opposition.

Men are essentially competing with every guy you’ve ever had sex with when it comes to having sex. The pressure to perform is lower the fewer males you’ve had sexual relations with.

We will have to cope with the reality that they are terrible in bed if they are unable to do it. This brings us to the point where we must be honest with them. It gets tricky at that point.

Ways to Tell Your Partner He’s Bad in Bed

Here are some suggestions for telling your lover that he’s not good in bed.

1. Don’t make snap judgments.

Never assume a man is incompetent or awful in bed just because he is bad in bed. If you ever discover a guy having an inappropriate moment, whether it’s a one-night stand or just an inappropriate sex moment, don’t automatically label him as a trashy lover because it only happened once.

2. A better option.

Tell him there’s a better way to please you instead of telling him what’s happening isn’t working for you. You should always say, “You know what would be better?” Don’t forget to add, “That would make me feel really amazing! ” when you express your true desires for him.”

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Also, feel free to use your sexiest bedroom voice.

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