50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

4. He starts speaking to you before claiming it was a joke.

He likely feels insecure. A man may experience severe anxiety when approaching a lady or deciding what to say to her if he is unsure of what to say or doesn’t feel confident. He might begin to speak to you before making a joke or claiming that his pals had dared him.

He might even say hello or inquire about how you are, and when you respond, he can clumsily explain himself by saying he has to leave.

He does this because he is anxious about how the conversation will turn out and wants to finish his time with you in order to feel “secure” once more. But secretly, he probably has feelings for you.

5. He appears depressed or sad around you.

For extremely sad reasons, a guy might occasionally act as though he doesn’t like you. He doesn’t think you two get along. or that you’d ever be able to like him. He believes he has no prospect of success. And he truly believes that he is unworthy.

He has a resigned attitude toward love and finding it, for whatever reason—perhaps because of past experience or low self-esteem. You can feel his fascination and want when he stares at you.

He’s a cold fish, though, and won’t approach you or ask you out. It will take him some time to trust you, open up to you, and truly feel your attraction to him. But just because he seems dejected and resigned doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.

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6. He claims that you are only friends, but he never mentions other women.

Why does he get quiet when you inquire about the ladies in his life if you are truly just a buddy and he is not hoping for anything more?

The fact is that a guy would be pleased to tell someone he’s not into about women he finds attractive or fascinating, even if he claims you two are simply friends and behaves extremely uncommitted around you.

But when it comes to you, he appears to be all eyes. despite the fact that you are only his friend. Sure. In truth, you two might be more than just pals.

7. He imitates your actions.

Mirroring is a phenomena in which others unintentionally copy your gestures and even your speech patterns. It’s probable that he likes you more than a friend if they don’t act that way with other people.

Check to determine if they have adopted your behaviors and language by paying attention to their body language and speech. That is among the indicators that he likes you better than a friend.

8. In a group setting, he is focused on you.

It’s common in a group environment to pay attention to the speaker. However, you frequently catch your male friend glancing at you rather than the scene of the crime.

It doesn’t have to be just him staring at you. He probably has romantic feelings for you if he expresses an increased desire to comment on your viewpoints and leans in your direction.

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9. He strives to be attractive around you.

Consider whether the man appears to be grooming himself each time you see him. They might softly touch up any area of their body, such as their shirt or hair, or they might brush their hair a little bit.

In any case, a guy who likes you will appear to be especially attentive to their surroundings. You have to see them at their best after all.

10. When you speak to him or look at him, he melts.

A male will flush when he is touched, anxious, or when you are turning them on. Because people are attempting to disguise their emotions, their bodies create adrenaline, which appears as a blush.

He may like you if he blushes when you speak to him but not when others do. This is especially clear when you compliment them, broach delicate subjects like love, or even just gaze upon them.

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