50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

19. He makes an effort to spend as much time with you as possible.

This guy seems to be getting himself into situations where he can be near you, whether he stays behind after group activities are finished or comes over to check on you.

Even though he didn’t previously attend church or sporting events, he now frequents them and hangs out in your general vicinity. One of the most clear indications that he likes you is this.

20. He talks about you to his family and friends.

It seems like they have a backstory that no one but the guy must have told them when you periodically run into his family or friends, or even when you meet them for the first time.

It’s possible that they’ll say things like, “Scott told us you tutor the neighbors’ kids in your spare time,” “I understand you don’t take beef,” and other similar things. Or they just seem to trust you from the way they interact with you. Most likely, the guy brings you up to them.

21. He attempts to get you involved in your interests.

The propensity of a person to take an interest in whatever you find interesting is one of the obvious signals that he likes you.

That guy probably likes you if you know he doesn’t enjoy what you do but still attempts to support you by putting his time and effort into something you like.

22. He speaks differently while you’re around.

Because of the attraction, you’ll probably treat someone differently from the others when you like them.

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That holds true for a guy who likes you more than a friend as well. You can tell a difference in how someone interacts with you if you are aware of how they interact with others.

23. He almost always remembers what you say to him.

When a guy remembers a lot of the things you tell him, it’s one of the most evident yet subtle indicators that he likes you. He listens carefully to you in order to get to know you on a deep level.

In addition to the usual information, the guy might remember facts that we men find difficult to remember, such as birthdays, your favorite romantic gestures, anniversaries, and the things that males find annoying.

24. He introduces you in a unique way.

A guy who likes you would introduce you uncomfortably, for example by omitting the word friend and mentioning your name only, rather than saying, “This is my friend Liz.”

He may make an effort to avoid using the word “friend” because his mind has already picked up on the hints that he likes you more than just a friend.

25. He tries to hang out with you a lot.

“What do you have scheduled for the weekend? Do you need someone to accompany you while doing X? Do you have me on the menu for dinner?”

There’s a good possibility that guy likes you if he always seems excited to hang out with you. He’ll continually look for meaningless excuses to be around you.

26. He constantly texts you on social media.

Making small conversation even on a daily basis has become increasingly commonplace thanks to social media.

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Therefore, if he continues to text you about your posts or just to say “hello” since he noticed you were online, there is a good likelihood that he likes you better than a buddy.

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