50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

35. He frequently finds an excuse to call or text you.

“I just called to see if you were able to complete the report.”
“After seeing the terrible news in your area, I just thought I should check up on you.”

He probably likes you if he keeps phoning and messaging and uses ridiculous justifications for his need for frequent contact.

36. He becomes happier when he sees you.

Every time you meet the guy, his eyebrows will raise, which is one of the clear signals that he likes you.

It’s possible that the man will even say “glad to see you.” These actions, along with others, are subliminal indicators that he likes you more than a buddy.

37. He is more cautious while you are around.

A guy who likes you could reveal hidden attraction anxiety. He might be very cautious so he doesn’t ruin the excellent impression because he only wants to make you feel happy.

Therefore, you might observe that he carefully considers every phrase, or that he meticulously planned every aspect of your meeting, or that he checks his own behavior to ensure he doesn’t say anything stupid.

38. He never mentions other women.

When around a lady he likes, a guy will probably refrain from mentioning other women.

So if a guy likes you, he could refrain from bringing up any of his ex-girlfriends or even a female coworker because doing so could imply that he’s psychologically or physically involved romantically.

39. He feels significant to you.

We like to believe that the people we care about value us. Therefore, a guy who likes you might assume you should miss him or even inform him of significant events that are happening in your life.

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As a result, if he starts to question why you withheld personal information from him or if you start to miss him, he probably likes you more than a buddy.

40. His pals won’t flirt with you.

Have you ever questioned why his buddies never make overtures to you or even spend time with you alone? They probably wouldn’t like to flirt with you if they’re good friends with the person who likes you.

Even if he hasn’t informed them, they might be aware of how much you mean to him and would be willing to give you two some room to grow as a couple.

41. He jokes about you two dating.

“Were we to go on a date, wouldn’t it be crazy?”
“We may attend the festival together. Please don’t worry; I’m joking.”

A man has romantic feelings for you if he consistently makes statements like these.

42. He sometimes calls you pet names.

If a guy starts treating you like his girlfriend, even if you’ve been excellent friends for a while, he probably likes you more than just a buddy.

Simply changing your name to other terms like “pretty,” “dear,” or “cutie pie” could do the trick. He probably wants to be in a romantic relationship with you if he doesn’t do this with anyone else.

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