50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

27. He detects minor changes in you.

Nobody noticed that you slightly altered your haircut. But he wasn’t.

He is more alert than other people if he picks up on changes in your appearance, haircut, or even mood. He likes you. Therefore, that is the reason.

28. He tries to find out your marital status.

Sometimes a guy will provide subtle hints that he likes you by asking seemingly unrelated questions. What does your lover think of your job, for example? or “Does your guy realize what a wonderful mind you have?”

You must state whether you are in a relationship in order to respond to those inquiries. Therefore, if he asks you questions like these to learn more about your love life, it is obvious he wants to get to know you better.

29. He works hard to win your favor.

The main goal for a guy who likes you is to leave a favorable impression. They can make an impression on you by the way they act, look, and even communicate love.

One indication that he likes you more than a buddy is if you see he makes an effort to look good for you. He might be incredibly kind to you and even go so far as to suppress his true self in your company.

30. He is constantly interested in your feedback.

“What do you think?” One of the phrases a guy who likes you will use frequently is this one.

He solicits your input because he wants to learn more about you and understand your thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics.

31. When he meets with you, he tries to smell good.

You can usually tell when someone has just applied cologne. Typically, the perfume lasts longer and is fresher when not worn all day.

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Therefore, if a man smells like he recently put on cologne but wasn’t just freshening up, it’s likely that they did so to make you smell good. That is one of the oblique indications that he likes you.

32. When you are around, he mostly tries to be humorous.

According to research on the science of laughter, a woman is more attracted to a man the more she laughs. And because of this, many men attempt to be amusing around women they like out of pure instinct.

Therefore, it is likely that he likes you if he attempts to joke about with you all the time. That is particularly true if he makes no overt attempt to make anyone laugh.

33. He strives to always be your hero.

He can fix your washing machine if it isn’t working. He’s there to comfort you because your date didn’t show up. He is available if you need a plus one.

When a man is drawn to you, he experiences the hero instinct, which drives him to protect you from almost anything that could harm you. He may try to continually come to your rescue, even if it is inconvenient for him, in an effort to prove to you that he is the man you need in your life.

34. He tells you about his plans.

If a man likes you, he may unintentionally feel compelled to share his future with you because he believes you will be there.

As a result, he probably likes you if he shares his personal plans with you as though you were his girlfriend. This is particularly true if he withholds such information from others who are not close to him.

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