50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

50 Surprising Signs A Guy Likes You

11. He constantly checks in on you.

A guy who appreciates you will frequently inquire about your well-being. This is because they want to hear from you frequently and you are on their minds.

Calling, messaging, or even physically visiting you to check on you would be one of the subtle indicators he’ll give if you know he isn’t that extra friendly with everyone.

12. He acts strangely around you.

Subtle indicators a guy likes you more than a buddy include fidgeting, hysterical giggling, avoiding eye contact, rocking, cracking knuckles, and stiffening up.

Attraction-related body language cues are practically inevitable. He might therefore become unusually stiff if he suppresses, let’s say, fidgeting. One thing is certain. He probably feels something for you if he gets tense around you.

13. He mentions dealing with you in the future.

“We’ll examine their cuisine later.”
“When I get the money, we’ll go to the event.”
“It would be fantastic if we made investments there in the future.”

He will unavoidably include you in his future when he views you as more than just a friend. And his remarks will make that clear.

14. He stresses how much you have in common with him.

“Do you enjoy observing birds?” Oh my goodness, another thing we have in common!

When the person we like shares our interests, we become delighted. In fact, we crave having common interests with someone we find attractive because we believe it would make our relationship more enjoyable.

A clear yet subtle indication that a guy likes you more than a buddy is if he says anything that is similar to the aforementioned phrase.

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15. He often tries to get to know you better.

It’s only normal to want to learn more about something if you’re drawn to it. That’s why we can go over someone’s social media profile or spend the entire evening asking about their life.

One of the unmistakable signals that a guy likes you more than a buddy is if he frequently inquires about your family, beliefs, opinions, job, goals, and pretty much any other subject you can think of.

16. He asks you about your days quite often.

His deep interest in every day of your life is one of the incredibly subtle indicators a guy adores you. He would seize every opportunity to inquire about how your day is going, your weekend plans, and even how you are feeling about the previous day or week.

They can’t help themselves since they are interested in every aspect of your life. Why? because they get to know you through the primary character in it.

17. He dismisses discussion of other men.

A guy will act possessively toward you as if you were his girlfriend if he likes you more than just as a friend.

He tends to lose interest in talking or making comments about your life whenever you bring up other males who are interested in you. He’ll stop sounding inquisitive.

18. His friends frequently leave him alone with you.

One of the subtle indicators a guy likes you more than a buddy is the persistent urge for one-on-one conversation. In spite of the fact that he arrived with a group of male friends, he frequently stays behind to speak with you.

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Furthermore, despite the fact that they are mutual friends, his close friends still give him room to talk to you because they are aware of his romantic feelings for you whether he told them or not.

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