How The Narcissist Gets Away With Abusing People And Come Off As A Good Person

How The Narcissist Gets Away With Abusing People And Come Off As A Good Person

You must have been there before. The problem with narcissists is that they have “lucky charms” who work for them and carry their dirty laundry while making sure no one sees that the king is naked. You have learnt everything there is to know about narcissists, and you are aware of who they are. It is thus extremely difficult to live in a world that seems to have been designed to produce and benefit these cheats and manipulators.

These chameleons proudly show off all of their several faces to people, and each one is trickier than the last. They are likable by everybody and can converse and interact with any social group. But there’s a catch: they often have one target in mind, and that target is someone who possesses compassion, integrity, and empathy. Why? Anyone who is superior to the narcissist is viewed as a threat that has to be removed since they are the object of their envy. The narcissist believes they need to quickly extinguish their glow.

Unfortunately, the target will become aware of the narcissist’s actual nature and will be able to see through their façade, but they will be too close to them to take any action. Abuse of this nature occurs in many kinds of relationships, including ones that are romantic, familial, and professional. It occurs in every circumstance when a narcissist has the power to mistreat and control another person.

Why then is the narcissist still accepted as a decent person despite all of their manipulation?

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