17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

6. Give in to salty and sweet foods

When you’re menstruation, foods with a high salt content should be avoided since they might make your cramps worse. Additionally, it may lead to extreme bloating and heighten pain.

Even though you can have a severe longing for French fries, eating salty foods might aggravate the symptoms of your period. The bloating and water retention that women experience around the time of their periods are caused by salty meals.

The bad news is that sweet food isn’t any better either, which is unfortunate if all you want is a Kinder Bueno. Alcohol, coffee, and sweet foods all cause your body to produce chemicals that boost your pain receptors and make you feel worse. Period discomfort and PMS may be greatly diminished by making an effort to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, plenty of water or herbal tea, and frequent meals.

7. Don’t pull an all-nighter

Sleep is crucial at all times, but it’s crucial during your period, Cortisol levels might rise when people stay up late or even merely get less sleep than normal. This may result in hormonal imbalances, which may impact how painful your menstruation is.

8. Avoid unprotected sex

Unprotected intercourse is never a good idea, but it’s even worse when you’re on your period. It’s easy for viruses and other pests to spread through blood. As a result, during this time, there may be an increased risk of HIV transmission.

Additionally, when you have your period, the cervix is slightly dilated (also known as open), which makes it simpler for bugs to pass from the vagina to the cervix and into the pelvis. Furthermore, just because you are menstruation does not keep you from being pregnant. Ovulation and bleeding may occur concurrently in women who experience more erratic periods, making it possible to become pregnant if you engage in unprotected intercourse.

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9. Don’t use the same protection for a long period

It is simple to get wrapped up in daily tasks, but avoid wearing the same pad or tampon all day. It is crucial to replace your pads or tampons every three to four hours, even though the packaging for those products states that you can use them continuously for up to 8 hours. This reduces pain and stops germs from growing and producing the unpleasant odor you are all too familiar with.

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