17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

10. Don’t go upside down

This is probably not on your to-do list unless you practice yoga. However, you might want to avoid inverted postures like the handstand, headstand, and shoulder stand if you do.

There is no proof that inversions during your period are hazardous, and contrary to what is commonly said, they do not increase the risk of endometriosis in healthy individuals. To assist what your body is attempting to accomplish, namely get rid of stuff, for the first few days of your period, you should move with gravity rather than against it.

Strong crunches and core exercises should be done slowly. There shouldn’t be any more cramping there. Instead, concentrate on positions that offer your abdomen room during this time, such the butterfly/stance cobbler’s while lying down.

11. Don’t skip your workouts

While staying home on the sofa rather than attending spin class may feel better in the moment, doing exercise regularly might really make you feel better by reducing headaches, exhaustion, and even worry. Exercise benefits the body. You’ll feel more energised and your period cramps will be relieved.

12. Postpone your breast exam

The sensitivity of the breasts to variations in hormone production is extraordinary. Breast examinations and mammograms may be more unpleasant due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels.

It might needlessly raise a red warning that cystic breast alterations are more likely to be palpated during an exam. Setting your alarm for the first few days of heavy flow is not recommended, even if monthly breast checks are a great idea.

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13. Don’t eat a lot of dairy

During Aunt Flow’s visit, a bowl of macaroni and cheese could be all you need, but you might want to wait till after she leaves town.

During your period, dairy is not your friend. Have you ever noticed how much more bloated you feel right before your period? Hormones are mostly to blame. Dairy on top of that is like rubbing salt in an already open wound. Please have more irritated, painful bowels!

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