17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

14. Avoid smoking

Smoking is bad for your health, as we all know, but women who smoke during their period are more likely to have significant discomfort. So, kicking the butt is preferable.

15. Don’t over-wash your vulva

When you’re on your period, it might be tempting to focus more on cleaning down there, but resist the urge to clean excessively. The vaginal flora might get disrupted if you wash your privates too often.

Staying clean and fresh should only require a gentle bath in warm water. Even personal soaps can be overly abrasive, upset the normal microorganisms there, and result in an allergic reaction.

16. Don’t hide indoors

Even before you’re sick with period symptoms, it might be tempting to remain home during the winter, but stepping outside is important.

Nature has been shown to make us feel better mentally, and because some of us experience higher levels of anxiety around our periods, going for a little walk can really help increase your happy hormones.

17. Don’t have injectables…

Or body piercings For that matter, a wax.

Since we are more sensitive to discomfort when we are menstruating, it is advised to schedule your visit for a week after your period has stopped. According to studies, women are often more sensitive to pain in the days leading up to and during their periods.

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